Kav Medida (KM) is one of the leading and most professional companies in the field of land surveying, geodesy, mapping, and photogrammetry in Israel. The company was established in 2012 and has been, since its inception, providing a variety of land survey, mapping and property line registration services. In 2018, KM acquired the “Road and Traffic Planning Company – Gabriel Lotan Engineers”, which has been operating for more than 50 years and specializes in physical road design solutions, traffic planning, and road drainage planning. The acquisition transformed KM into a group that offers as a one-stop shop, complete professional surveying services, alongside road design and route planning services. This integration offers the clients a high-quality product with improved compatibility at significant cost-savings.

Offering a Broad Array of Services, Accompanying the Client Across the Entire Process

KM offers a broad array of services that accompanies the client from the mapping and planning stage to the completion of the construction development process, along with registration with the Land Registry Office. KM is headed by Yoav Koler and Eyal Rabinovich; experts with more than 30 years of experience in land surveying. Both graduated from the Technion’s Geo-Information and Civil Engineering program, and served in a wide variety of executive and consulting positions for the Israel Land Authority and other economic and academic institutes. The high-end mapping solution services that the company offers include: Mapping and surveying for spatial planning, preparation for registration plans, real estate formalization, land registry, photogrammetric mapping, drone mapping, mobile mapping, GIS and geospatial modeling, services for the agricultural sector, BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies, and more.

The Company’s Clientele

KM provides its services mainly to organizations such as the Israel Roadway Authority, Ayalon Highways, Israel Light Rail Project, the Ministry of Housing, Israel Ports Authority, Israel Railways, Israel Lands Authority, Cross-Israel Highway, local authorities across Israel, Ministry of Defense, The Cooperatives Movement, and more. The company also provides services to project management companies that operate on behalf of state or local authorities, and oversees the entire planning and development process for them. KM also provides surveying and asset valuation services for large banks across Israel.

Human Capital

KM employs roughly 70 employees, including; civil engineers, certified surveyors, geographers, practical engineers, GIS experts, technology experts, and software engineers. Owing to the wide variety of disciplines in which the company and its skilled professionals are active in, KM can offer a multidisciplinary service that covers every aspect of any project. 

Aerial and Land Surveying via Drones

As an innovative and dynamic company, KM implements advanced and innovative technologies that support its various services. This enables it to respond in real time to quickly find solutions for emerging challenges. One example of this is the execution of ground and aerial drone surveying. The company uses this data to produce topographical maps, orthophotos, and 3D models, accurately and quickly. KM’s innovative technologies provide advanced capabilities for processing data and handling thousands of photos within short time frames. As part of this, the company hires skilled personnel from the geoinformatics field including Israel Defense Forces veterans experienced in these areas. This technology enables the company to provide their field of professionals a bird’s-eye view of all the updates that are happening. This is all done within the professional software in which they work in, encompassing both the ongoing qualitative and quantitative changes in construction. These frequent and accurate measurements enable real-time comparative analyses that save enormous costs and prevent potential lawsuits.

Mobile Mapping

Another manner of technology that the company uses to provide quick and efficient surveying services, is mobile mapping. Combining mobile mapping with drones translates into cutting-edge mapping and surveying from multiple perspectives: Speed, efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of the data, purposed for planning and documenting infrastructures of roads, railways, tunnels etc.

Partners in a Unique Startup

Not only does KM implement technologies, but it also develops pioneering technologies in its field as well; exemplified by its cooperation with the international company SkyCatch, to develop a unique and innovative device for monitoring above-ground and underground construction. With recently received support and funding from the BIRD Foundation through NIST and the Israel Innovation Authority, this collaboration has initiated an innovative device that fits in the palm of the hand and integrates automatically-operated laser sensors, integration sensors, and a GPS with a spatial accuracy of up to 2cm. KM believes that this device will transform the land surveying industry since its operations requires no training, and is extremely accurate even for those who try it for the first time. The device’s innovative solutions are based on an advanced AI-based detection system that enables the user to autonomously connect the aboveground geographical network with underground surveys of tunnels, subterranean stations, etc. – Thus, the device is used to improve the surveying and monitoring processes of every construction project, and enable it to connect to various robots, drones, and vehicles with significant cost-savings.

Flagship Projects

Over the years, KM has been responsible for surveying and mapping several national flagship projects, including The Light Rail Transit for Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the Jerusalem cable car, surveying of Northern Israel’s entire road infrastructure for The Israel Roadway Authority, surveys for the cities of Ashkelon, Ashdod, Eilat, and more.

The company has also planned many kilometers of roads including designing all of the roads in numerous neighborhoods across Israel such as: Ir HaYain in Ashdod (11,000 apartments), Or Yam in Or Akiva (3,300 apartments), Neot Shamir in Ramla (3,800 apartments), and many more.

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