The research and development group frequently engages in the development of innovative mapping and surveying solutions for the needs of the modern world and Big Data.

The R&D department works as an independent unit, and with external funding, has developed an automated mobile tool for collecting a cloud of points with absolute location precision. This provides the ability to connect to control networks in areas where there is no GPS reception such as inside tunnels, buildings, urban areas, etc.





בתמונה ניתן לראות איור של דגם אב-טיפוס של הכלי המיוחד



Kav Medida, in collaboration with Skycatch from the USA, is developing an advanced scanning and analysis tool that combines internal and external mapping using an innovative mechanism to close the RTK GPS loop.

The product under development is designed to respond to fundamental challenges in the world of construction through high-quality and perpetually-accessible information - all this without the need for prior knowledge of surveying and 3D imaging.

The aforementioned tool is revolutionary in the construction and infrastructure industry, as it will improve the efficiency, speed, and safety of activities conducted in the field while meeting predetermined deadlines.

Also, in strategic cooperation with the Binraz company, Kav Medida is developing a first-of-its-kind photogrammetric AI engine. This innovative engine interfaces with drones, mobile mapping, and laser scanners, which can analyze data of hundreds of kilometers of infrastructure in a single day.


Automated identification, classification, and measurement of signage based on images sourced from the mobile mapping system of Kav Medida