Kav Medida operates a department that employs qualified surveyors, city planners, draftsmen, and field teams who work together to prepare and submit plans for registration purposes.

In addition, the department prepares real estate settlements and analytical cadastres for various projects, and is managed by a certified surveyor.

Areas of specialization of the department:

Prepares plans for border registration and other documentation needs.

Establishes parcel boundaries and performs analytical calculations.

Consults in the fields of cadastre and statutory law.

Accompanies the preparation of outline plans and city building plans.

Prepares land designation compilation maps and statutory analyses.

Prepares cost plans and allocation tables (consolidation and subdivision tables).

Determines right of way and prepares declaration plans.

Accompanies expropriation procedures and prepares the expropriation plan.

Site surveyors.

Expert assessments.

Prepares public housing plans

Settlement of land rights

Registration at the Israel Land Authority


Kav Medida works with the following bodies in the aforementioned areas:

Site surveyors for the Ministry of Construction and Housing of Israel

National Roads Company of Israel

Israel Railways

Israel Lands Authority


Survey of Israel (MAPI)

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System (Urban Transport Routes)

Ayalon Highways

Jerusalem City Council

Tel Aviv Municipality

and more