Kav Medida employs a complete mobile mapping department that includes a mobile 360 geodetic mapping system along with an office CAD+GIS decoding unit.

The advantages of mounted mobile mapping are enormous, and is attributable to the fact that the system collects tens of kilometers of road with geodetic precision - all without road closures and without traffic restrictions.

The department performs processing and digitization for the purpose of; topographic mapping, surveys of traffic signs and road signs, surveys of construction violations, mapping of traffic regulations, inspection of road defects, maps for autonomous vehicles, and tools for managing smart cities.

מיפוי רכוב

The end user receives an application for a computer, tablet or mobile device, which enables advanced display and analysis features that support several systems from several angles.

The online system is simple to operate, and can be used to survey measurements easily and quickly from anywhere. In addition, the system can be implemented within the local municipality's GIS.

Screenshot from the intelligent internet apparatus that combines oblique aerial photographs, mobile imagery, and orthophoto together



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