A photorealistic 3D model is an accurate representation of a surface, both in terms of geometry and texture.

Kav Medida manages and operates advanced technological tools for collecting, processing, and making available photorealistic 3D models at any scale.

The models produced by KM have a real resolution of 1-2 cm per pixel and are geographically anchored to the control network's dedicated scale specifications.

This advanced 3D modeling serves a wide clientele that enables viewing, touring, measuring, and many other analyses.

The advanced aerial scanning technique of KM allows efficient coverage of an area in high resolution, and is based on the movement of an independent multi-angle camera while the drone is flying.


Below is the camera movement from the drone deck

Uses and benefits:

  • Provides background to the planning environment.
  • Surveying the field as it exists without missing details from all possible angles.
  • Adding vector and GIS layers.
  • Analysis tools such as calculating lines of sight, sections, light and shadow.
  • Access from anywhere online via computer, cellular phone, and tablet.
  • Implementation of architectural models and BIM.
  • Calculations relating to the volume of soil, as it relates to planning versus execution and more.
  • Supplying the model as a 3D Mesh product in SKP, Collada, OBJ formats, and more.



3D Modeling of the Urban Landscape

Demonstration of several analytical capabilities in the model


Experience running the model yourself