Kav Medida produces high-quality, aligned, orthophoto maps in a wide range of resolutions and scales.

The orthophoto is produced from a mosaic of aerial photographs and anchored to the project's control framework.

The combination of advanced imaging technology and powerful computer tools allows for the quick production of orthophoto maps with a resolution of up to 5 mm per pixel, whilst maintaining the quality of the color and the radiometric corrections.

The Purpose of the Product

Orthophoto is used by the company's employees and clients for a plethora of uses such as: a planning background, background for surveys, an aid for planning routes, a tool for monitoring the progress of infrastructure sites, AI based analysis and report generation, a GIS tool for smart cities, a basis for mobile mapping, and more.

Products of the department:

- Orthophoto is aligned and anchored to a national network or a local control network.

- Detail up to 5 mm per pixel.

- True orthophoto and standard orthophoto.

- Raster product in a variety of formats - ECW, MrSID, Jpeg2000, GeoTIFF and more.

  • Streaming of the orthophotos via a dedicated server belonging to Kav Medida in the WMS/WMTS service, and its accessibility via third-party GIS applications.

Orthophoto Map with Layers


True Orthophoto



Diagram of the Resolution Quality