Our office specializes in the planning of roads with over 50 years of experience in planning urban roads, interchanges, intersections, and junctions, for municipalities and local councils. Our office is careful to maintain efficient planning, while properly supporting road drainage systems, in addition to all the engineering components of road planning, which include:

  • Horizontal and vertical route planning
  • Cross-sectional planning
  • Typical road sections 
  • Construction details
  • Cut and fill reports
  • Quantity calculations

Drainage and Infrastructural Coordination Systems:

For any road design project, one of the most important issues that must be taken into account is the planning of the drainage system.

Our office specializes in designing efficient drainage systems using AutoDesk Civil 3D software, which includes:

  • Planning a drainage system that connects to an existing drainage infrastructure.
  • Construction of longitudinal sections of a system.
  • Construction of cross sections.
  • 3D simulations of the road along with the planned drainage system.


System coordination through the use of AutoDesk Civil 3D software, while accompanying all the consultants involved in all stages of the project - from the planning to the implementation stages, allow to achieve additional benefits:

  • Typical sections including planned systems
  • Checking for discrepancies between planned infrastructures against other (existing or planned) infrastructures
  • Cross-sectional preparation of all the infrastructures
  • Testing of dry systems with wet systems where they intersect
  • Showing of infrastructure on cross-sections of planned wet systems