Mobile and aerial 3D mapping can be used to create a more accurate and detailed representation of a city than traditional 2D maps.
Use it to create simulations of different scenarios, such as how a new development might impact traffic flow or how a new park might be used by residents.
This can help urban planners to avoid costly mistakes and to make better decisions about how to improve a city.

Our 3D mapping can also be used to engage the public in the planning process. By making 3D maps and simulations available online, urban planners
can get feedback from residents about their ideas for how to improve the city.

And of course, 3D mapping can be used to track progress and measure the impact of urban planning projects. By comparing 3D maps of a city over time, urban planners can see how their decisions have affected the city and make adjustments as needed.

Statutory planning is forward-looking planning. Optimal planning at this stage of the project makes it possible to utilize the areas efficiently and simplify the planning in the future stages.

Kav Medida provides transportation consulting for the preparation of statutory Master plans, Outlined plans and Detailed plans, preparation of traffic extensions and maps for projects such as new neighborhoods, urban renewal,
industrial and commercial zones, parking lots, etc.