Kav Medida Water Drainage Simulation

Kav Medida, a pioneer in land surveying and geodesy, continues to push boundaries with groundbreaking technologies such as drone mapping and a cutting-edge 3D platform that facilitates precise water flow simulation, offering an unparalleled view of our city's drainage. This transformative technology empowers precise drainage simulations to make informed decisions that contribute to the safety and resilience of our community.

At the heart of this innovation lies a sophisticated 3D platform that generates a comprehensive water flow simulation. This dynamic system utilizes drone mapping technology to capture detailed terrain data, providing an in-depth understanding of the city's topography. The integration of this data into our 3D platform creates a vivid and highly accurate representation of water flow dynamics.

The Simulation Experience

The water flow simulation features arrows that demonstrate the path water will take during various scenarios. Each arrow's color indicates the incline of the terrain, allowing for a nuanced understanding of the landscape. What sets this simulation apart is its exceptional level of detail and accuracy – the system can make adjustments to a tenth of a degree, ensuring precision that is unparalleled in the field.


Kav Medida Water Drainage Simulations

Proactive Decision-Making

During severe weather events and heavy rainfall, the simulation becomes a powerful tool for strategic decision-making. By proactively managing water flow, the municipality can strategically place drain receptors and build water basins, mitigating the risks associated with flooding and ensuring the safety and security of our city.

Advantages and Impact

The precision offered by the system translates into saved working hours, minimized street closures, and, most importantly, a more resilient city. The proactive approach to water flow management reduces risks and disruptions, safeguarding our community against the potential consequences of severe weather conditions.

Economic Benefits for the Municipality

The proactive management of water flow during severe weather events has translated into considerable economic benefits and savings for the municipality. The precision and foresight provided by this technology play a crucial role in cost reduction across multiple sectors. Notably, municipalities has experienced substantial savings in emergency response and infrastructure repair expenses. With a more accurate understanding of water flow dynamics, resources can be allocated efficiently, minimizing the financial burden associated with reactive measures.

The ability to strategically place drain receptors and plan water basins based on simulations has led to a substantial decrease in the overall costs associated with flood damage and related infrastructure repairs, reducing unforeseen expenditures and fostering a more sustainable approach to city planning and infrastructure management.

The precision and proactive water flow management contribute to practical benefits, including efficiency gains, reduced street closures, and enhanced community resilience. This innovation underscores our commitment to leveraging technology for the thoughtful improvement of our city's infrastructure and safety.

The city drainage and water flow simulation have been suucessfuly implemented in the cities of Tel Aviv-Yafo and Lod, as can be seen in the images from Tel Aviv-Yafo on this page.

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