Kav Medida develops and maintains dedicated geographic information systems for spatial information management.

The systems are able to query and analyze any information created in the organization's departments and any additional information entered into the systems. In the era of "Big Data", the system becomes a planning and management tool of crucial importance.

Kav Medida leads the way in developing three-dimensional geographic information systems, and enables the construction, maintenance, and distribution of models and 3D layers.

Combining all the worlds of mapping and measurement requires working with a wide variety of GIS and mapping tools:

 - Esri - ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro

 - Skyline TE Pro


 - PostGIS

 - Global Mapper

 - OrbitGT

 - Agisoft

 - Autocad


3D Underground GIS


GIS Advanced online GIS system Combining High-Resolution Orthophotos in a National Road Mapping Project


 GISAn Online GIS System that Centralizes Geographic and Photogrammetric Information of the Company’s Projects and is Automatically Updated on a Daily Basis



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