Revolutionizing Bridge Inspection with

Drone Vision



Streamlined Efficiency: Eliminate inefficiencies and enhance safety with advanced technology.

Disruption-Free Inspections: Assess without closures, avoiding operational disruptions.

Pinpoint Accuracy: Localize cracks and issues for accurate assessments.

Future-Ready Data: Cloud-based storage for easy access to historical data.

Unrestricted Accessibility: Reach challenging locations with drones for thorough inspections.

Real-Time Insights: Instant data management for efficient decision-making.

Main Features:

  • Comprehensive underdeck inspections with dual cameras
  • Precise crack verification using 3D and original photos
  • Manage reports by severity, prioritize maintenance efforts
  • High-resolution capability detecting 0.1 mm cracks
  • Integration with Digital Twin & BIM for smart management
  • Immersive AR/VR for on-site experiences
  • Actionable insights with annotations and repair advice
  • Cloud-based data for secure storage and easy access
  • Real-time collaboration for efficient maintenance planning